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A spectator secretly writes down a birthday of someone special to them, but not their own birthday.

A diary is introduced which has 366 names of famous people alongside 366 days of the year. The diary is handed to the spectator.

The performer then asks a series of questions about the spectator’s special person. Questions such as “Are they introvert or extrovert?”, “Sporty or non-sporty”, “Careful or extravagant?” Based on the responses, the performer writes down a name of a famous person on a card. The prediction.

The spectators looks up the special person’s birthday and reads out the corresponding famous name – eg 19 September is Twiggy’s birthday. It matches the prediction!

CelebriDate Deluxe is one of the strongest mentalism effects in my repertoire. It combines the emotional pull of linking personal birthdays to an unbelievably powerful magical moment which leaves the audience in open mouthed disbelief.

Simple to perform, totally examinable and instantly reset. CelebriDate Deluxe boasts a beautifully produced wire bound pocket sized diary which will become one of your most talked about routines.

Sean Goodman Member of the Magic Circle

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