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The Grayle

In the mysterious world of coin magic, many perceive the “Holy Grail” to be the perfect combination of a coin production sequence, followed by a coins across routine full of audience participation, and then topped off with a total vanish of the coins leaving the magician totally clean with both hands EMPTY. Really empty!

The GRAYLE brings together this trilogy into a magical masterpiece for the “real world”.

Real world…. How often have we heard this expression used purely as a piece of marketing magic only to find the creator’s view of the “real world” is very different to our own. So for your piece of mind, and for total clarity, here’s my interpretation of the “real world”;

Real world magic is magic that;

• Is suitable for mix and mingle AND at the table environments as it is pretty much angle proof
• Has been performed and developed over many years by a full time working pro
• Has moves that are within the capabilities of most magicians and not just the coin Gods!
• Is instantly reset
• Includes audience participation
• Requires no special clothing - just a couple of pockets and you’re good to go!
• Is suitable for stand up or seated performers
• Doesn’t require lapping, sleeving, coin rolls or a close up mat!
• Is a stunning piece of magic

I hope this helps!

THE GRAYLE is a routine suitable for all - from the seasoned coin worker to the magician looking to add something different to their usual diet of card magic… Fear not, THE GRAYLE will not disappoint.

THE GRAYLE requires three coins and a shell. That’s all.

THE GRAYLE is just under an hour tutorial - you will be directed to a website which has separate links to the various sections of the routine rather than just one big download to try to navigate.

You will be taught;

Three coin production sequence followed by either

a) Coins across or

b) 3 Fly

Then a vanish sequence which leaves your hands totally clean.

PLUS, alternative handlings using Secret Servante

PLUS, Simple Grayle which a lovely quick three coin production followed by the vanish of all coins…


THE GRAYLE has served me well over the years, and I truly hope it also finds its way into your working repertoire too.  

Sean Goodman Member of the Magic Circle

Secret Servante,
104b California Road,
NR29 3QW


Email:   Phone: 01493 733662           Mobile: 07907 213498